Aimee Perez


Intus brings the work of Miami based multidisciplinary artist Aimee Perez to the Center Gallery at the Morean Center for Clay. Through sculptures of the human body as well as ritual objects and alters, she addresses, in her words, “paradoxical truths of suffering and redemption”. To me, her work is arresting, intense and beautiful.

I am thrilled to be able to share Perez’s work with the membership and audience of the Center for Clay. I hope you enjoy the show.

Danny Dobrow,
Curator of the Center Gallery

Photo: Marta Tejera



Deeper into the Art

Leaving the ego behind and becoming a mere vessel, a bridge if you will, the artist uses  instinct and archetype, dwells into the subconscious and brings basic and fundamental manifestations of life using form and color.

  • Aimee Perez

For every thorn that is plucked a stream of carmine drops comes out

“Alberto Carol, Professor at Colegio San Alejandro and Art Critic”

Aimee Pérez’s years of living in Mexico and traveling across the region and the world has had a cultural impact on her personality. The ancient traditions, legends, myths and the popular art of the Peruvian and Mesoamerican gifted creators resonate in her artworks. A realization of the post-modern tenet of erasing the boundaries between vernacular and high art? Much more. Hers is the work of a remarkably qualified specialist who freely draws from multiple references with the ultimate purpose of sharing her innermost feelings. Her art is confession. Identity that stems from the heart not ethnicity, from the universal not the limited. We won’t find either a single particle of irony, parody, detachment. She offers the vibrant and troubled treasures of a woman’s psyche in the forms of a sophisticated and austere beauty. No wonder the empathy and the acclaim she consistently reaps.